Always connected.

The fair and smart Wi-Fi. Productive. 100% free of charge for your customers.

What are the advantages of using the smart FREE MEE network?

FREE MEE is the perfect platform for targeted personal and smart mobile marketing and customer analysis.

Your very own inexpensive broadcasting channel

FREE MEE is much more than just free Wi-Fi. It transforms your wireless network into a private marketing channel featuring your business or your partners. Use your Wi-Fi for targeted advertising or to simply communicate with your customers. Our analysis tools will help you tailor the perfect campaign. And we will tailor the best solution to your needs.

Fair and transparent for your customers

Customers do not want to ask for a password, they want to quickly and easily take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. As FREE MEE requires neither password nor registration, it increases customer satisfaction and prolongs their stay. Customized welcoming pages offer you the opportunity to display information directly on your customers’ mobile devices! Be it coupons, a menu, or your business history.

Smart Technology

Our plug-and-play hardware is so easy to install, it could be done by a child. As it is managed by means of our special cloud interface, there is no need for an expensive on-site manager. And in case things should not be working, our team will assist you at any time and do its best to solve the problem.

What if my customers are abusing my Wi-Fi by watching or – even worse – downloading illegal content?

Our innovative technology ensures that you do not have to worry about the legal aspects of your Wi-Fi. You will not be liable for the data transferred through FREE MEE. And this we guarantee!

Are you interested in FREE MEE?

We would be very happy to welcome you in our office or to visit yours and take you through all the steps of the FREE MEE adventure!

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